Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo David Herbert Lawrence was born at Eastwood, a mining village in
Nottinghamshire, in 1835. His father was a miner and worked in a pit throughout his life; his mother was Lydia Beardsall, a schoolteacher. The happiness of their marriage, however, was short-lived: dissatisfied with her husband, who had turned into a heavy drunker, Lydia spent all her life fighting to have her children receive a proper education. She was also determined David from following his father into mines.  D. H. Lawrence, in fact, escaped such a destiny through education and poor physical health. He studied hard and succeeded in winning a scholarship to Nottingham High School, which he attended for three years. At the age of sixteen he became a clerk in a factory, but a bad attack of pneumonia forced him to leave this job; he then studied at Nottingham University College and qualified as a teacher in 1908. In this period he produced his first free verse – segue nel file da scaricare