PAUL: Carrie, can you help me? I’m doing a crossword and I still have a few words to find.

CARRIE: Sure. What’s the first?

PAUL: “It’s rectangular and it’s made of plastic. It’s used with a computer!”.

CARRIE: How many letters?

PAUL: Eight. The first letter is K and the last is D.

CARRIE: Is it “keyboard”?

PAUL: Let’s count them….. Yes, It fits!

CARRIE: Next clue?

PAUL: “This famous play was written by Shakespeare”. The second letter is A and the last T.

CARRIE: Oh, that’s easy! The answer is “Hamlet”.

PAUL: Wow, you’re so clever Carrie!

CARRIE: Not really. It isn’t a very difficult crossword!

PAUL: No, you’re too modest! You’re a genious!

CARRIE: Thanks, Paul! That’s it? Have we finished?

PAUL: Yes, We’ve finished. Thank you Carrie!

CARRIE: Don’t mention It, Paul!