Dialoghi in inglese: raccolta completa

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Dialogo in inglese dal dottore

Dialogo in inglese dal dottore, utile come spunto per la prova di inglese degli esami di terza media.


CLAIRE: Good morning.

DOCTOR: Hello Claire. How are you? how do you feel? 

CLAIRE: Not very well. I’ve a sore throat and a headache.

DOCTOR: Open your mouth, I want to look at your throat. Say “a-a-ah”.

CLAIRE: “a-a-ah”.


CLIARE: Can I go to school?

DOCTOR: No, not tomorrow. Are you hungry or thirsty?

CLAIRE: I’m thirsty, but I’m not hungry. I feel sleepy, now. 

DOCTOR: It’s not serious, Mr. Booke. It’s just a cold, she needs to sleep and to keep warm. Here’s a prescription to take to the chemist’s. Goodbye.

CLAIRE’S MUM : Okay, thanks. Goodbye.

DOCTOR: Goodbye, Claire!