Dialoghi in inglese: raccolta completa

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Dialogo in inglese: to the Fast Food

Dialogo in inglese ambientato in un Fast Food, utile come spunto per la prova di inglese agli esami di terza media.


PAM: Good evening!

WAITRESS: Welcome to Mc Donald’s! May I take your order?

PAM: Of course. I'll take a Crispy Mc Bacon menu, please.

WAITRESS: Would you like medium or large size? 

PAM: Medium, please.

WAITRESS: What would you like to drink?

PAM: A coke, please.

WAITRESS: Ok, one medium Crispy Mc Bacon menu with coke. Will that be all?

PAM: Yes.

WAITRESS: Will that be for here or to go?

PAM : For here please.

WAITRESS: The total comes to $5.50.

PAM: Thank you, Bye!

WAITRESS: Have a nice meal!