Dialoghi in inglese: raccolta completa

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  • Data: 2014-10-22
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Dialogo in inglese al telefono

Dialogo in inglese al telefono, utile come spunto per la prova di inglese degli Esami Terza Media.


MARK: Hello Paul?

PAUL: Oh, hello Mark! How are you?

MARK: I’m fine thanks, how are you?

PAUL: I’m fine too, thanks.

MARK: Paul, do you want to come to the cinema with me tonight?

PAUL: I want to, but I can’t; I’ve got a date with Peggy! I’m so sorry. What about tomorrow evening?

MARK: Yes, tomorrow evening suits me fine. Let’s meet outside the cinema, ok?

PAUL: No, let’s meet in the snack- bar first and have a coffee and a bite to eat.

MARK: Great! Good idea! ‘Bye Paul, till tomorrow!

PAUL:  ‘Bye Mark