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  • Data: 2014-10-06
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Lettera in inglese sulle materie preferite

Lettera in inglese sulle materie preferite, per la prova di inglese degli esami di terza media.

May, Thursday 3rd 2014

Dear Glenn, 
How are you? the last email we sent talked about our hobbies .. now, let’s talk of our favourite subjects in school! It’s a way to know each other too, don’t you agree it’s a good idea?
I love using my PC. In fact, my favourite subject at school is Information Communication Technology. I really like Maths and Science too, but it’s not the same, Technology it’s more useful also in everyday life, so it’s the only one I can practice almost always! 
What about you? do you learn about computers at school? Do you use a PC at school or at home? What sort of things do you do?
I hope to receive soon your answer so you can propose an argument of conversation too!

Best Whishes