Lettera in Inglese: raccolta tracce svolte

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To summarize a movie plot

Come riassumere la trama di un film in inglese: un esempio utile per la prova di inglese per gli esami di terza media.



“Big Fish” is a movie which examine the relationship between a father and his son. 
The director of this film is Tim Burton, who also directed many other famous films, such as “Batman” and “Edward Scissorhands”.
Edward Bloom has always been a man who likes to tell exaggerated stories about his life. 
When he was a young man, he left his home in a small town in Alabama to start an incredible journey around the world which starts and finishes in his hometown.
He tells epic stories about his encounters with giants, witches and blizzards. He manages to convince everyone who he meets with his stories except for his son Will. When Will’s mother, Sandra, tries to reunite them, Will must learn how to separate facts from fiction in his father’s stories.