Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo Hopkins was born at Stratford, Essex, of a middle-class Protestant family. He
studied at Highgate School, London, and in 1863 he went to Oxford, where he became acquainted and was under the influence of the Oxford Movement, which wanted to restore and strengthen the independence of the religious institutions, and tended towards the Catholic Church. Hopkins was converted to Catholicism in 1886 and became a Jesuit. After being ordained priest in 1877, he worked in many parishes in urban areas, such as Glasgow and Liverpool, and became familiar with the problems of industrialization. In 1884 he was appointed Professor of Greek and Latin at the Catholic University of Dublin, where he remained until his death, due to typhoid fever, in 1889.  Hopkins’s poetry was unknown during his lifetime since he refused to have it published, considering his interest in poetry as incompatible with his religious vocation. His Poems were – segue nel file da scaricare