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Virginia Woolf

Breve trattazione in lingua inglese su Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf is one of the most important avant-garde writer of the women litterary movement in the beginning of this century. She was born in a litterary and intellectual family, but she had never gone to college: she just studied in her father library.At the age of thirteen she had her first nervous break-down and she began fighting with her aggressive father.

She took part in the "Bloomsbury Group" , in which there were many artist , writers and intellectuals in general.In 1912 she married Leonard Woolf and she began to have really hard headhakes , until she attempted suicide with some drugs. In 1917 she founded with her husband a publishing company, which chose to promote the writings of talented young authors.The Second World War increased her anxiety and fears.

At the age of fifty-nine she chose to drow herself in the river Ouse. She used the interior monologue, that let the author enter in the character's reality, in the character's mind. In the same way, the sream of consciousness let her enter in the character's interiority: memories, dreams, wills. But she didn't use this narrative techniques in the same way Joyce used it in his novels: infact she didn't like psychoanalisis theories and she refused everything derived from the Freudian "Es". Virginia decided to write without be influenced by male-patterns. In some of her novels she showed her neo-feminist ideals , like in "Orlando" and "A room of one's own" , in which she defended man's sexual ambiguity and women's right to be economicaly indipendent. 

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