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Animal Farm: riassunto in inglese de La fattoria degli animali

La Fattoria degli Animali riassunto in inglese: ecco un riassunto svolto in lingua di Animal Farm, capolavoro dello scrittore George Orwell.

ANIMAL FARM: RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DE LA FATTORIA DEGLI ANIMALI. Animal Farm, titolo originale de La Fattoria degli Animali, è considerato uno dei capolavori della letteratura moderna e un’importante riflessione su tematiche universali, e spesso complesse, narrate tramite la forma del romanzo satirico e presentandosi come una specie di favola leggera con gli animali protagonisti. Il romanzo di George Orwell, pubblicato nel 1947, in realtà descrive la società russa nell’Era stalinista e ciò che stava accadendo durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Se stai studiando l’opera a scuola e hai bisogno di un riassunto che ti aiuti a capire sia la storia che le allegorie presenti nel testo, in quest’articolo troverai un riassunto in inglese di Animal Farm.

RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DI ANIMAL FARM: LA RIBELLIONE DEGLI ANIMALI. The story is set in Mr Jones’s farm: he exploits his animals without mercy and he often mistreats them when he is drunk. One day, the old, wise, and respected boar of the farm, Old Major, tells his friends that he had a dream in which the animals were free from human beings and they were able to determine their fate. Everyone notices that, in the dream, the only animal that consumes without producing anything is the man, the real “enemy” of the animals. Then, Old Major teaches the animals a revolutionary song called Beasts of England. Unfortunately, the old boar suddenly dies three nights later. Three young pigs – Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer – assume command and consider it a duty to prepare the Rebellion. When a drunken Mr Jones forgets to feed the animals and to milk the cows, the animals revolt leaving their fenced areas, chasing the irresponsible Mr Jones away and renaming the farm “Animal Farm”.
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RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DI ANIMAL FARM: I SETTE COMANDAMENTI. In the new Animal Farm, the animals adopt the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is “All animals are equal”. Indeed, Snowball writes the Seven Commandments on a wall: every animal must respect them. In addition to “All animals are equal”, the 7th Commandment, the other ones are: “1. Whatever goes upon two legs is a enemy”; “2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend”; “3. No animal shall wear clothes”; “4. No animal shall sleep in a bed”; “5. No animal shall drink alcohol”, “6. No animal shall kill any other animal”.
At the beginning everyone follows the Commandments, but some time later, all the rules are broken by the animals in the farm as it happens in every possible world.

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animal farm riassunto inglese

RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DI ANIMAL FARM: GLI ANIMALI DELLA FATTORIA. The pigs, which led the revolution against the humans, become the rulers of the farm, and they start to dictate the other animals, which still believe in the Revolution beliefs. The most important characters are:

  • Boxer: a loyal, kind, strong, hard working and respectable cart-horse, which does a large share of the physical labour on the farm and always says that “Napoleon is always right”.
  • Mollie: a self-centred, self-indulgent and vain young white mare who quickly leaves for another farm after the revolution.
  • Clover: a gentle, caring female horse, who shows concern for Boxer. She can read all the letters of the alphabet, but cannot “put words together”.
  • Benjamin: one of the wisest donkeys of the farm, and one of the few who can read properly. His most famous quote is “Life will go on as it has always gone on – that is, badly”.
  • There are then groups of animals like the sheep, the hens, the cows and the dogs.

RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DI ANIMAL FARM: LA DITTATURA DI NAPOLEONE. Napoleon and Snowball are the most powerful pigs and they struggle for pre-eminence. When Snowball announces his plans to build a windmill, Napoleon orders his dogs to chase Snowball away and to kill the animals that don’t agree with their new boss’s ideas. Napoleon is a dictator: he exploits Snowball’s ideas for his ends and based his power on the use of violence. He begins to adopt the lifestyle of a man and to purge the farm. Beast of England is replaced with an anthem glorifying Napoleon, but the animals remain convinced that they are better off than they were under Mr Jones. When Boxer is injured and he is no longer able to work, Napoleon sends for a van to take Boxer to the veterinary surgeon, explaining that better care can be given there. As a matter of fact, Boxer is taken to a knacker: only Benjamin, the donkey who can read “as well as any pig”, understands that the van doesn’t belong to a vet and attempts to rescue Boxer unsuccessfully.

RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DI ANIMAL FARM: LA CONCLUSIONE. Now, Napoleon and the pigs behave like men: they stands on two feet, they drink whiskey, they trade with men, they wear clothes and they sleep in confortable beds. The ideals of the Revolution no longer exist and even the Seven Commandments are changed. Particularly, the 7th Commandment is modified as follows: “All animals are equals, but some are more equal than others”. He abolishes the practice of the revolutionary traditions and restores the name “The Manor Farm”. As the animals look from pigs to humans, they realise they can no longer distinguish between the two.

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(Foto: La fattoria degli Animali 1954; Courtesy of The Imaginarium)

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