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Jack Kerouac

vita e opere di Kerouac in inglese con traduzione

Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo Jack Kerouac was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1922, the son of French-Canadian immigrants. He received a stern Catholic upbringing and was educated at local schools, and then in Columbia University. At the end of the war he began travelling back and forth across the States, and in New York he started lasting friendships with the poet Allen Ginsberg, the experimental novelist William Burroughs and the intellectual Neal Cassidy. The influential of Cassidy on Kerouac was enormous; his total lack of inhibitions, his enthusiasms, a sort of permanent wild excitement; his love of adventure made Kerouac idolize him and consider him the archetypal hero. With Cassidy Kerouac started his first hitch-hiking crossing of America, which was to inspire his best-known novel On the Road. After travelling for four months, in 1947, Kerouac went back to New York and there he completed The Town and The City, which came out in 1950. Like most of his later novels, it was autobiographical. In the attempt to record the details of daily life, and the spontaneous enthusiasm for the most insignificant objects and events, Kerouac introduced slang and colloquial words, abolished punctuation and syntactical rules, and followed free mental associations. In the meantime he continued working on On the Road, chronicling all that had – segue nel file da scaricare

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