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Jane Eyre di Charlotte Bronte

riassunto del romanzo "Jane Eyre" in inglese con traduzione

Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo Jane is a penniless orphan, brought up by her cold and hostile aunt, Mrs Reed.
Jane is sent to Lowood Institution, a very strict school, where girls are not given enough food and clothing. She decides to accept a job as a governess at Thornfield Hall by Mr Rochester and soon falls in love with him. Her stay at the Hall is disturbed by strange noises and frightening events. After spending some time at her aunt’s deathbed, Jane returns to Thornfield and Rochester proposes to her. She assents to marry him, but two nights before the wedding she wakes up and sees a figure sanding by her bed and her wedding veil torn into two pieces. The wedding is interrupted by Richard Manson who declares that Rochester is already married with his sister, Bertha Mason, a mad woman who – segue nel file da scaricare

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