Ultime risorse


Modulation consists in modifying the characteristics of a signal, called carrier, in accordance with another signal, called modulating signal.

Open Letter to hobbists

The hobby market is wasted without a good software and a user who understand the programming.

Compact flash

CompactFlash consists of a small circuit board with Flash-memory chips and a dedicated controller chip, all encased in a rugged shell that is several times thicker than a SmartMedia card

Flash memory

Flash memory is a type of EEPROM chip. It has a grid of columns and rows with a cell that has two transistors at each intersection

Removable flash memory

While your computer's BIOS chip is the most common form of Flash memory, removable solid-state storage devices are becoming increasingly popular

Smart media

The solid-state floppy-disk card (SSFDC), better known as SmartMedia, was originally developed by Toshiba

Jack Kilby

Kilby e l'invenzione del microchip in lingua inglese.


Il complesso archeologico di Stonehenge in lingua inglese.

Wall Street Crash

Appunto in lingua inglese sul crollo della borsa di Wall Strett nel '29.

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