Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo The life of George Bernard Shaw spanned nearly a century. He was born in
Dublin in 1856, the youngest son of a corn merchant. His early education was musical rather than literary (his mother was a singer) and he used to spend his time going to the theatre, visiting art galleries and reading good literature. These pursuits helped to sustain him in the trying years of his youth, especially after the separation of his parents. At the age of twenty, he left his city forever and started a love-hate relationship with his native land; he moved to London, where he became a critic of music and art and contributed to several periodicals. Later he joined the Fabian Society, whose members were working for the gradual improvement of the harsh conditions under which the lower classes lived in industrial society. Shaw took an active part in this movement joining debating – segue nel file da scaricare