Abstract – scaricare il file per l'appunto completo Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachussetts on July
4,1804. His Puritan ancestors had settled there during the 17
ce ntu ry and  had  bee n d ire ctly involve d  in two of the  to wn’s  main historical events namely the persecution of the Quakers in the 1660s and the witch trials in 1692. Hawthorne lost his father at the age of four and spent the early years of his life in domestic seclusion because of his poor health. After attending Bowdoin College in Maine, he returned to Salem and , in 1828, published his first novel, Fanshawe, which he later rejected. He also started to write short stories which were collected in Twice Told Tales (1837) and Mosses – segue nel file da scaricare