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James Joyce

vita e opere di Joyce in inglese con traduzione

Abstract – scaricare il file per l’appunto completo James Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882, one of a large family. He was educated at Jesuit schools, including University College, Dublin. Here he studied French, Italian and German languages and literatures and English literature, and graduated in modern languages in 1902. His interest in European literatures led him to begin to think of himself as a European rather than an Irishman. His attitude contrasted greatly with that of his literary contemporaries, who were leading the Irish Renaissance and were trying to rediscover the Irish Celtic identity referring back to the past, to the world of Irish mythology and ancient customs, in order to create a national conscience that would support the struggle for Irish independence. Joyce, on the contrary, believed that the only way to increase Ireland’s awareness was by offering a realistic portrait of its life from a European, cosmopolitan point of view. Determined to turn his back on Ireland and establish himself on the continent, he spent some time in Paris, but his mother’s fatal illness in 1903, brought him back to Dublin. In 1904 he met and fell in love with Nora Barnacle, a twenty-year-old girl who was working as a – segue nel file da scaricare

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