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Beowulf: riassunto in inglese

Beowulf riassunto in inglese: il riassunto in inglese svolto di uno delle più importanti opere della letteratura inglese e il più antico poema conosciuto oggi.

BEOWULF: RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE. La tua professoressa di inglese ti ha dato da leggere tutto il poema di Beowulf ma hai difficoltà a comprendere tutti i 3182 versi scritti in Old English? Se sei alla ricerca di una sintesi in lingua che ti aiuti a capire la trama, sei nel posto giusto: di seguito troverai il riassunto in inglese di Beowulf, un poema epico che è considerato tra le opere più importanti della letteratura inglese ed è uno dei poemi lunghi più antichi scritti in Old English che sono arrivati intatti ai giorni nostri. Si pensa che il manoscritto sia stato scritto tra il 975 e il 1025 da un poeta anglo-sassone il cui nome rimane tuttora sconosciuto: oggi l’originale è costudito alla British Library. Vuoi capire di cosa parla Beowulf? Continua a leggere il nostro riassunto in inglese.

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RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE BEOWULF: BEOWULF E GRENDEL. The poem is set in Scandinavia and the main character is Beowulf, a hero of the Geats, who sails to Denmark with a small company of men, determined to help King Hrothgar of Denmark. The King, indeed, rules on a prosperous reign, but a demon named Grendel attacks the King’s wealthy mead-hall every night, killing Danish warriors and sometimes he even eats them. Hrothgar was a great warrior in his time, but now he is an old king and he seems unable to protect his people. Fortunately, Beowulf arrives in Denmark and offers to fight Grendel himself, as he explains he owes Hrothgar a favour because the king helped out his father once. The king accepts his offer. Next time Grendel attacks, Beowulf is waiting for him and fights him unarmed, proving himself stronger than the demon. Grendel tries to escape, but Beowulf tears the monster’s arm off, letting the demon mortally wounded until he dies. King Hrothgar celebrates Beowulf’s victory throwing a party and giving the warrior many presents and treasures.

beowulf riassunto in inglese

BEOWULF, RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE SVOLTO: BEOWULF E LA MADRE DI GRENDEL. Yet, another threat is approaching. Grendel’s mother, who lives in a desolate lake, comes to Heorot seeking revenge for her son’s death. She murders one of Hrothgar’s most trusted adviser, before coming back to the lake. To avenge this death, Beowulf and his fellows looks for Grendel’s mother: the warrior dives into the water and fights her, killing her with a sword forged for a giant. Then, he finds Grendel’s corpse, he beheads it and brings the head as a prize to Hrothgar. After celebrating this victory too, Beowulf returns to Gaetland, where he becomes king after King Hygelac is killed in a war against the Shylifings and his son dies.
RIASSUNTO BEOWULF IN INGLESE: BEOWULF E IL DRAGO. Beowulf reigns as king for fifty years, protecting the Geats from all the enemies, especially the Swedes. One day, though, the Geats are threaten by a dragon, which begins attacking Beowulf’s people, burning villages and slaughtering men. The king takes a group of eleven trusty warrior in order to fight the dragon. However, when they see the dragon, all but one of the warriors are so scared they flee. The only man who remains at Beowulf’s side is Wiglaf. Beowulf is able to defeat the dragon, but he is mortally wounded in the fight because the dragon bites him in the neck. After Beowulf’s death, the Geats burn their beloved king on a huge funeral pyre and bury him with a massive treasure in a barrow overlooking the sea.

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(Foto: Beowulf; Courtesy of Warner Bros)

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