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Peter Pan: il riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in inglese Peter Pan di James Matthew Barrie: il riassunto in inglese di Pater Pan and Wendy, romanzo scritto nel 1911 su cui si basa il cartone animato Disney.

PETER PAN: IL RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE. Peter Pan è un personaggio che conosciamo tutti, in quanto da bambini siamo cresciuti con i tanti adattamenti cinematografici della storia, dal cartone animato Disney del 1953 a Hook di Steven Spielberg fino alla versione più recente del 2016. Tuttavia, i romanzi a cui si ispirano i film presentano delle differenze sostanziali rispetto alle pellicole. Il creatore del personaggio letterario, James Matthew Barrie, infatti, ha scritto due romanzi sulla figura di Peter Pan. Il primo fu Peter Pan nei Giardini di Kensington (1902), in cui l’autore scozzese racconta di come Peter, un neonato di sette giorni, si sia buttato dalla finestra, venendo punito dal corvo Salomone che lo condanna a restare bambino per sempre, crescendo nei Giardini magici di Kensington. Il secondo libro, invece, è Peter Pan e Wendy (Peter Pan and Wendy), che narra la storia a noi più conosciuta. Stai cercando un riassunto in inglese del romanzo di Peter Pan di J.M. Barrie? Ti basta continuare a leggere!

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peter pan riassunto in inglese

RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE PETER PAN: PETER PAN E WENDY (1911). Peter is a boy who can fly and he comes from Neverland, a magic island where children never grow up. The boy often goes to London, in Bloomsbury, listening to Mrs Mary Darling’s bedtime stories by the open window. Mrs Darling has got three children: Wendy (the eldest daughter), John and Michael. One night, Peter is spotted and, while trying to escape, he loses his shadow. Consequently, he is forced to come back to find and catch it. In the attempt, he wakes Wendy, who is not afraid of him, but helps him to re-attach his shadow to him. Wendy tells Peter that she can tell bedtime stories like her mum, so the boy invites her to Neverland to be a mother to the Lost Boys, a gang of children who were lost in Kensington Gardens. Wendy agrees and she leaves for Neverland together with Peter, John and Michael. They experience many adventures after arriving in Neverland: they rescue the princess Tiger Lily and become involved in a battle with the pirates led by the evil Captain Hook. However, after a while, Wendy, John and Michael start to miss their parents and decide to go back to London. Unfortunately, Captain Hook, who wants to avenge on Peter Pan, captures the three children. When Peter finds it out, thanks to the fairy Tinker Bell, he heads to the ship to save his friends. He resorts a trick, deciding to copy the tick of the crocodile, which ate Hook’s hand and swallow an alarm clock. Peter, thus, is able to sneaks into the cabin to steal the keys and frees the Lost Boys, while the pirates are desperately searching for the ticking crocodile. Then, Peter reveals himself, an he has a final battle against Hook, who, in the end, is pushed by Peter into the jaws of the waiting crocodile.
In the end, Wendy and his brother decide to go back home and they bring with them the Lost Boys, who are adopted by the Darlings. Peter Pan, however, refuses to be adopted because he is afraid of growing up, so he returns alone to Neverland. A year later, Peter returns for Wendy, but he feels “betrayed” because the girl is now grown up and has got a daughter named Jane. Peter is heartbroken until Jane agrees to come to Neverland as Pater’s new mother. According to Barrie’s final sentences, every Wendy’s descendant goes to Neverland with Peter while they are children.  

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