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Tema in inglese sul Natale in Italia: testo svolto

Tema in inglese sul Natale in Italia: testo svolto

Tema in inglese sul Natale: tema svolto in lingua inglese sulle celebrazione e le tradizioni natalizie in Italia.


Sai che la professoressa, quando sarà il momento, ti chiederà di scrivere un tema in inglese sulle tradizioni legate al Natale in Italia? Se cerchi degli spunti per il tuo testo, sei nel posto giusto: noi abbiamo pensato a te e in questo articolo ti proponiamo un tema svolto in inglese sulla descrizione del giorno di Natale in Italia e sui festeggiamenti tipici legati al 24 e al 25 dicembre. Non ti preoccupare: anche quest’anno puoi riuscire a svolgere i compiti in fretta godendoti l’atmosfera e i divertimenti natalizi!

Hai bisogno di scrivere un tema in inglese sulle tradizioni inglesi del Natale? Trovi il testo qui: Tema sul Natale in inglese

tema in inglese sul natale in italia


Christmas is coming and we are thrilled! In Italy, Christmas is the most important festivity of the year and most people love it: families gather together for lunch and dinner, they eat until they burst, they play board games together and exchange presents.

At the beginning of December, Christmas lights are switched on in every village and town, Christmas markets – which are very popular – open and people start to look for the best presents for their relatives and friends. The 8th December is particularly important as we celebrate a Catholic anniversary, “L’immacolata concezione”, which is also a public holiday. As everyone is at home, both parents and children, families are accustomed to trim the Christmas Tree on this day.

Christmas Eve is children’s favourite day because they all wait for Santa to come. Kids usually write a letter to Father Christmas in which they list all the presents they would like to receive and they send it to the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, at night, Father Christmas pops into every house bringing gifts to children. Adults, instead, usually put their presents under the Christmas tree and they open them after Christmas Eve dinner. On 24th December, families gather around the table for dinner and according to the tradition, we eat fish (every Italian region has its own typical dishes). Then, religious people go the church at midnight, or the following morning for the Christmas Mass.

On Christmas Day, Italian families gather for lunch. Every region has its own traditional Christmas dishes: in the North, for example, ravioli, polenta and salted codfish, capon, tripe and roe deer are among the most popular food. In Tuscany and Central Italy, instead, people love to eat lasagne, tortellini, culatello, stew boar meat, capon, stew codfish, large eel and roasted lamb. In the South, traditional dishes include struffoli, large eel, friselle, capon broth, soppressata and sausages, turnip tops, roasted lamb, sardine pasta. Desserts, too, differ from region to region, but we also have national traditional cakes, as Pandoro and Panettone.

After Christmas lunch, people use to play board games, card games or tombola. Younger people or families like going to the cinema in the evening.

On 26th December, we celebrate Saint Stephan and it’s national holiday: it is the perfect day for another lunch with friends and relatives, to visit a town or to discover Christmas markets or animated nativity scenes, which are very popular in Italy.

We really cannot give up on Christmas: it is the most awaited moment of the year and it is a day of joy, fun, friendship and love we keep going to share and celebrate proudly.


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