1984: RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE DEL ROMANZO DI ORWELL. Non hai ancora letto 1984, il famoso romanzo di George Orwell, e ti serve un riassunto in inglese per la scuola? Non ti preoccupare: sei nel posto giusto. Nineteen Eighty-Four (titolo originale del libro) è una delle opere più importanti della letteratura inglese e non solo, considerato il capolavoro dello scrittore britannico. Il libro narra di un mondo distopico, ossia di un futuro in cui il mondo post-guerra nucleare è diviso in potenze totalitarie e l’Inghilterra fa parte della micro-nazione dell’Oceania. 1984 è stato pubblicato nel 1949, ma scritto nel 1948, e il titolo è dato proprio dall’inversione dalle due cifre finali di questa data. George Orwell, infatti, scrisse il romanzo dopo la conclusione della Seconda Guerra Mondiale e dopo avere scritto La fattoria degli animali, opera allegorica e critica del regime stalinista.

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1984 riassunto inglese

1984: SUMMARY. The story is set in 1984: the world, following the World War III, is completely changed. Now there are the following continents: Oceania (Americas, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa), Eurasia (Europe and Russia), Eastasia (Southeast Asia), which constantly fight among them. Oceania is led by an omnipotent and supreme leader no one has ever seen: Big Brother. His eyes are the telescreens that spy the daily life of every citizen, allowing the Thought Police to identify anyone who might compromise the security. There are posters and Party slogan everywhere: “War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, “Ignorance is strength” are the mottos. Big Brother dictates all the rules and all the citizens must obey to them. Love cannot exist: its only purpose is reproduction.
All the books are subjected to revisionism according to the principles of Newspeak, the language of Oceania, which meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism. Newspeak has a restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, in order to limit people’s freedom of thought. History is modified according to the party’s will and also people’s memories can be cancelled.
The main character of the novel is Winston Smith, a member of the middle class Outer Party, who lives in a one-room apartment in London. He works at the Ministry of Truth as an editor. He is responsible for historical revisionism, so he rewrites records and documents to conform to the state’s ever-changing vision of history itself. Despite being good at his job, Winston begins writing a personal journal where he criticises the Party and its leader, Big Brother. Then Winston meets Julia, a 26-year-old girl who secretly loathes the Party. The young lady, one day, hands Winston a note confessing her love for him. Winston and Julia begin an affair, committing a crime (love was banned in Oceania). They decide to rent a room with no telescreens in it, which is located in a proletarian neighbourhood in London. Weeks later, Winston is approached by O’Brien, an Inner Party member whom Winston believes is an agent of the Brotherhood, a secret underground society that intends to the destroy the Party. They arrange a meeting at O’brien’s flat where both Winston and Julia swear allegiance to the brotherhood. Suddenly, the Thought Police capture both Julia and Winston and the two are delivered to the Ministry of Love for interrogation. Mr Charrington, who rented the room to them, is a Though Police officer. O’Brien is an agent of the Though Police too. O’Brien interrogates and tortures Winston with electroshock, telling him that he can “cure” himself of his manifest hatred for the Party. O’Brien tries to brainwash Winston, but understands that he is determined not to betray Julia. Consequently, O’Brien sends him to Room 101, a room which contains each prisoner’s worst nightmare (in this case rats), and Winston eventually betrays her lover.
After being put back into society, Winston and Julia meet again and both reveal they betrayed the other. The man understands he no longer has feelings for her although he is troubled by memories which is sure are lies. While sitting in a bar, he sees a celebration, celebrating Oceania’s “decisive victory” over Eurasian armies in Africa. Winston is happy and proud as he looks up in admiration at a portrait of Big Brother.

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