MARK : Good morning! May I ask an information?

TICKET OFFICE : Good morning, Sir! Of course you can. How can I help you?

MARK : I will be here in London for three days and I’d like to go to the Thames River Cruise. Can you give me some information about it?

TICKET OFFICE : Yes, Sir. The Thames River Cruise costs £16 . The first tour starts at 10.45 a.m. and the second one starts at 2.30 p.m. 

MARK : Does the tour stops at the Tower Bridge? I’d like to see it! 

TICKET OFFICE : No. I’m sorry, Sir. The tour doesn’t stop at the Tower. 

MARK : What can you see from the boat?

TICKET OFFICE : You can see the House of Parliament, The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

MARK : It sounds interesting. How long does the tour take?

TICKET OFFICE : 45 minutes, Sir.

MARK : Great! I’ll take one ticket, please!

TICKET OFFICE : Here it is , Sir. Have a nice day.

MARK : Thank you. Goodbye!