HAIRDRESSER: Good morning, Madam.

MEL: Good morning.

HAIRDRESSER: How can I help you?

MEL: I’d like to make a change, but I have not a concrete idea.

HAIRDRESSER: Would you like to change colour of your hair a little?

MEL: Yes, I’d love to.

HAIDRESSER: Shall we try a reddish tinge?

MEL: No, I’m sorry. I can’t bear red hair! Let’s try the effect of dark brown, instead.

HAIRDRESSER: Certainly, just as you wish, Madam.

HAIRDRESSER: Here we are! Would you like a cup of tea and some biscuits while you are under the drier?

MEL: Yes, I’d like that, thank you!

HAIRDRESSER: You’re welcome. I’ll back in minutes.