AT THE AIRPORT – check in

HOSTESS: Good morning, Madam. Your document and ticket, please.

MRS. TAYLOR: Good morning. Here it is.

HOSTESS: How many baggage are you checking in?

MRS. TAYLOR: One baggage.

HOSTESS: Can I see your hand baggage, please?

MRS: TAYLOR: Of course. Here it is.. may I bring it on board or have I to check this too?

HOSTESS: No, Madam, you can bring it with you on board. Do you have any liquids or sharp objects in your hand baggage?

MRS.TAYLOR: No, I don’t.

HOSTESS: Okay, Mrs.Taylor. Your gate it’s n° 2.

MRS: TAYLOR: What time does the gate close?

HOSTESS: The gate closes at 12.00 am. Enjoy your flight!

MRS. TAYLOR: Thank you. Have a nice day!