MR. JONES: switch on the TV Pam, I want to see the lottery results!

TV ANNOUNCER: And here are the results of today’s lottery: 12 – 35 – 22 – 84 – 55 – 42  … and the bonus ball is : 7.

MARK: How many did you get , Dad?

MR. JONES: not even one!

MRS. JONES: how much is the jackpot?

MR. JONES: Three million pounds.

MRS. JONES: Three million pounds! Wow! What would we do with all that money?

PAM: If I had three million pounds, I’d go on a cruise around the world, but I’d also give something to charity.

MARK: I’d buy a big house with a big garden and a swimming pool. I’d build a Go-Kart track in the garden and get a go-kart!

PAM: What Would you do, Dad?

MR. JONES: Well, if I had all that money, I’d give some for the homeland in London. Then I’d buy a new stereo, I’d buy a lot of CDs of all my rock and blues favourite singers. I’d also visit Elvis Presley’s house in America!

PAM: And you, Mum? What would you do?

MRS. JONES: well, I wouldn’t make any big changes, except one.

PAM: What’s that?

MRS: I’d have a full-time cook… I hate cooking!