Dialogo in inglese: on the bus

PAOLO: Good morning! Is this seat free? 

WILLIAM: Good morning! Yes, it is, please seat …

PAOLO: Thank you! It is a beautiful sunny day, isn’t it?

WILLIAM: Yes, it is … it’s a very nice day!

PAOLO: My name is Paolo.. pleased to meet you …

WILLIAM: My name is William.. my pleasure! Where do you come from? 

PAOLO: I’m Italian, I come from Venice. And you? Where do you come from?

WILLIAM: I’m English, I’m from around here … Wow, Venice! I’d like to visit it, to make a tour on gondola!

PAOLO: Yes, the gondola it’s the most tourist attraction! You must visit Venice one in your life .. it’s worth!

WILLIAM: Yes, I hope so.. you are in visit too or are you working here?

PAOLO: No, I’m not working … I’m a student, I’m attending an academic course in here thanks to the European Learning Program. 

WILLIAM: It’s seems amazing… and how does it long?

PAOLO: 9 months.

WILLIAM: Well, that’s my stop! Good luck ,Paolo  … have a nice day!

PAOLO: Thanks! Have a nice day you too, William! …see you in Venice!