MELANIE: Hi Maggie! How are you?

MAGGIE: Hi Mel! I’m fine, thanks and you?

MELANIE: I’m fine too… so, you too on the beach?! I’m just arrived with my parents and my cousin.

MAGGIE: I arrived a couple of hours ago, with my parents too.. they are chatting with some friends over there and I’m relaxing here with my book!

MELANIE: I’m glad we met…you look well!

MAGGIE:  Yes, it’s been a lucky coincidence! You look well too and I love your swimsuit.. where did you bought it?

MELANIE: It’s cute, isn’t it? I bought it in my last travel in Mexico.. it was so cheap, I must have it! Oh! I forgot my suntan cream!

MAGGIE: I have it! You can use mine, if you want!

MELANIE: Thank you, I’m so careless! I was in a terrible hurry and so I just took my beach towel! 

MAGGIE: Don’t worry! I need to go swimming now.. it’s so hot today! 

MELANIE: Yes, it is! Okay, enjoy your swim, I prefer to sunbathe! Maybe later we can have a drink together?!

MAGGIE: sure, with pleasure!

MELANIE: Great! See you later!