DAD : Listen, you two. It’s Mum’s birthday on Saturday!    

SEAN : Yes, we know, Dad.

DAD :  Have you got her birthday present yet?

KATE : No, not yet. We don’t know what to buy her. 

DAD : Shall we buy her something together? 

KATE : Yes, It’s a good idea. Why don’t we give her a … DVD?

DAD : No, not a DVD. I think we should give her something personal, like jewellery. 

SEAN : But jewellery is expensive and we need much money.

DAD : Don’t worry about the cost. I will pay for the present . 

K & S : Thank you Dad!

KATE : Dad, can I come with you to help you choose the present? I think that we should buy her earrings!

DAD : Yes, ok. Come on! Let’s go to the shopping centre!

KATE : Bye Sean! See You later.

DAD :  Bye Sean!