SHOP ASSISTANT: Good Morning. Can I help you?

MARY : Yes, thanks. I would like a present for my boyfriend! 

S. A. : What about this bracelet?

MARY : No. This is not his style, he would not like it.

S. A. : Ok. And what about this watch? 

MARY: Oh, it’s very nice. How much is it?

S. A. : £ 70. 

MARY : Mmm, it’s a bit expensive.. but it is so lovely. I don’t like red very much, there are other colors ?

S.A. : No, I’m sorry. This is the last one, we sold the other colors this week.

MARY : Oh, what a pity! It would be perfect in blue.

S. A. : Maybe you can buy this one and then try the next week to come and see if there are new colors available. 

MARY : Ok, I’ll take it.

S. A. : Great. Shall I wrap it for you?

MARY : Yes, please.

S. A. : Here you are. Your receipt is in the box. Thank you and goodbye.

MARY: Thank you. Goodbye.