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Hi Michael!
What’s up? Everything’s good? 
Today at school we begin the last lesson about the history of music; we will continue it in the last week. This time the teacher told us about Rock and Roll Music! Before the 1960s America was a country of racial segregation, especially in the South. Normally Afro-Americans did not mix socially. Each group had its own music and its own radio stations. But in the Fifties something strange happened. Several young white American boys started listening to Rhythm and Blues music on Afro-American radio stations. They liked the fast rhythms and loud sounds of drums, electric guitars and saxophones. They also liked the style of singing and tried to imitate the singers. One day, in June 1954, one of these boys went to a small recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee and make a record. When people heard the record, they thought  the singer was an Afro-American. It was an immediate success and a new style of music was born, it was a mix of Rhythm and Blues, Country and Western. The name of that singer was Elvis Presley. 
To be continued … 
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