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Amleto: il riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in inglese Amleto: riassunto in lingua svolto di Hamlet, tragedia di William Shakespeare tra le più conosciute e studiate a scuola.


“Essere o non essere?”, quale frase più celebre di questa? Sicuramente vi sarà capitato di udire questa citazione e di sapere che è tratta da una famosa opera di William Shakespeare, l’Amleto (The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark è il titolo originale). Mentre il nome della tragedia e i personaggi sono noti a molti, la storia descritta all’interno del testo teatrale è sicuramente meno popolare di altri lavori del Bardo, come Romeo e Giulietta ad esempio.

L’Amleto, diviso in cinque atti, è ambientato nel XVI secolo a Elsinore, in Danimarca, e si basa soprattutto sulla leggenda di Amleth, figura leggendaria del romanticismo scandinavo creata da Saxo Grammaticus nel XIII secolo. L’Amleto è un testo che frequentemente si studia sui banchi di scuola dato che è uno dei grandissimi classici della letteratura inglese: per questo, di seguito trovate un riassunto in inglese di Hamlet, da utilizzare sia per conoscere la storia, sia per facilitarvi nei compiti a casa (soprattutto durante le vacanze di Natale).


The protagonist of Hamlet is Prince Hamlet of Denmark, King Hamlet’s son and nephew of King Claudius, his father’s brother and successor. King Hamlet recently died and King Claudius has already married Hamlet’s mother (and King Hamlet’s wife) Gertrude. Prince Hamlet is depressed when, coming back to Denmark from Germany for his father funeral, finds his mother already remarried. On a cold night at Elsinore, the Danish royal castle, Hamlet and his friend Horatio encounter a ghost who seems to be King Hamlet.

The spirit tells his son that he was poisoned by his brother Claudius and asks him to avenge his death, but to spare Gertrude (she and Claudius were lovers when King Hamlet was still alive). Prince Hamlet starts to plan the revenge for his father, but, because of his contemplative and thoughtful personality, he delays entering into deep melancholy and even apparent madness. Claudius and Gertrude want to find out why the prince is so depressed and they employ a pair of Hamlet’s friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to watch him. Polonius, the Lord Chamberlain, suggests that Hamlet may be mad with love for his daughter, Ophelia, so King Claudius arranges a “casual” meeting between the two young guys. Hamlet, however, does not seem to love Ophelia and orders her to enter a nunnery. Hamlet’s words drive Ophelia mad.

When a group of traveling actors comes to Elsinore, Hamlet thinks to have the key to understand if his uncle was guilt and the ghost was indeed his father telling the truth. He asks the players to perform a scene closely resembling the murder described by the ghost of King Hamlet to him in order to observe his uncle’s reaction. When the moment of the murder arrives in the theatre, Claudius leaps up and leaves the room, so Hamlet is sure that this proves his guilt. Consequently, Hamlet confronts his mother, while Lord Chamberlain Polonius is hidden behind a tapestry in the room. Hearing a noise, Hamlet believes the king is hiding there so he stabs Polonius with his sword, killing him.

For this crime, King Claudius exiles him to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. As a matter of fact, Claudius previously gave Rosencrantz and Guildenstern orders for the King of England demanding Hamlet’s death. Hamlet, though, discovers the plan and makes Rosencrantz and Guildenstern be killed. Meanwhile, Ophelia, after his father’s death, drowns herself in the river. Polonius’ son, Laertes, who was in France, returns to Denmark in a rage and Claudius convinces him that Hamlet is to blame for what happened to his father and sister. When Horatio and the king receive letters from Hamlet indicating his comeback to Denmark after pirates attacked his ship en route to England, Claudius concocts a plan involving Laertes to secure Hamlet’s death. Laertes will fence with Hamlet, but Claudius will poison Laertes’s blade to ensure Hamlet’s death if wounded. In addition to it, he poisons a goblet, which he will give Hamlet to drink if he wins the duel against Laertes without being killed or wounded. Hamlets returns to Elsinore when Ophelia’s funeral is taking place: stricken with grief, he attacks Laertes and declares that he had always loved his sister.

The duel begins and Hamlet scores the first hit, but refuses to drink from the poisoned goblet. Instead, Gertrude takes a sip from it and dies. Laertes then succeeds in wounding Hamlet, though Hamlet does not die of the poison immediately. First, Laertes is cut by his own sword’s blade and before dying, reveals to Hamlet that Claudius is responsible for the queen’s death. Consequently, Hamlet kills Claudius with the poisoned sword and after achieving his revenge, also Hamlet dies. Before dying, however, Hamlet tells Horatio that the new king must be Fortinbras, a Norwegian prince who has led an army to Denmark. Horatio tells Fortinbras Hamlet’s tragic story and the new king organises a solemn funeral for him.

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