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Dialogo in inglese al circo

Dialogo in inglese ambientato al circo, utile come spunto per la prova di inglese agli Esami Terza Media.


MARK: Hurry up Mummy!! It’s late!

MUM: Yes, I’m coming sweety. Don’t be impatient! We are in time, the Circus will not be open before an hour!

MARK : Yes, the show will begin in an hour, but I want to go early to take pop-corn and to choose a good seat.

MUM: Okay, let’s go!

MARK: Look at that Mum!!! It’s a tiger!!

MUM: Yes, Mark.. I see it! It’s beautiful. And what about the clowns? They are so funny, aren’t they?

MARK: Yes, they are! But I love acrobats most of all! There will be an exhibition of jugglers too?

MUM: yes, jugglers and elephants will be the next number.

MARK: and the magic number? There was a magic number too…I remember that!

MUM:  I read somewhere that the show of the magicians will be the last, after a “little surprise”! Are you curious about the surprise, honey?

MARK: yes, I am. Maybe it will be a number with a big bear!!

MUM: Maybe, we’ll see. Now be quiet, the elephants are coming, don’t disturb the other spectators!

MARK: Okay, you are right! Thank you, mum, for this afternoon at the circus….I love it very much!


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