MRS. GREEN: Good morning Mr. Clark.

MR. CLARK: Good morning Mrs. Green. How can I help you?

MRS. GREEN: I need some butter, some tea and some sausages, please.

MR. CLARK: I haven’t any sausages yet, I’m sorry. They arrive later… Do you need any vegetables too? They are very fresh…

MRS. GREEN: Oh, yes I do. Give me some potatoes, a Kilo, and a lettuce, please. How much are the potatoes?

MR. CLARK: twenty pence a Kilo.


MR. CLARK: Do you want anything else?

MRS. GREEN: Yes, I need a lot of things… some ham, some sugar and some bacon, please.

MR. CLARK: Here you are. It’s 13 £ .

MRS. GREEN: Thank you Mr. Clark!

MR. CLARK: Thank you, Mrs. Green. Have a nice day!