M: Hi Richard!

R: Hi Maggie! What are you doing?

M : I was reading about theatre. Today morning professor Stevens talked us about tragedies and about Shakespeare.

R: What are you reading? Informations about theatres program? I can help you …

M : No, I am reading about Globe Theatre. What does it mean that you can help me? 

R: I am informed about theatres program. My dad often goes to see tragedies and comedies with my mom. 

M: Really? It sounds amazing! Have you ever been with them to see something?

R: Yes, I had. Once they brought me to see Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It’s been interesting, but I don’t really like theatre, I prefer a football match! And you? have you ever been to theatre?

M: No, unfortunately I’ve never been to theatre, but I’d love it very much… you are so lucky! My parents, they prefer to go to the cinema rather than theatre.

R : The next time you’ll come with us! Maybe it will be more funny if I will be not alone. I  will call you in a week to confirm the day.

M: Great! Thank you so much Richard. See you later. Bye!

R: You’re welcome Maggie! See you later. Bye