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Dialogo in inglese allo stadio

Dialogo in inglese ambientato allo stadio, utile come spunto per la prova di inglese agli Esami Terza Media.


LUKE: come on Daddy!! Aren’t you ready??? We should go!

DAD: yes, I’m coming…this football match makes you crazy!

LUKE: Yes, I know I seem like I’m fool, but it’s not… it’s just that I waited for it too long..you know..

DAD: yes, I Know son, I Know…

DAD: here we are! Are you excited?

LUKE: Yes, dad, I am! Did you bring my ticket too, didn’t you?

DAD: Of course I did. Come on, the gates are opening!

LUKE: we should take some hotdog and two cokes too.. do you agree?

DAD: yes, I agree. Let’s find our seat before, the I’ll go to take food.

LUKE: okay, Dad, I saw the seats. I’ll wait you there.

DAD: Okay. I’ll be back in minutes.

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