REPORTER: Hi, may I ask you some question? I am doing a poll about the future targets of young people.

PAUL: Hi! It sounds interesting! Yes, I will answer to your questions with pleasure.

REPORTER: Thank you very much! Okay, let’s start! First of all: What’s your name and how old are you?

PAUL: My name is Paul and I am sixteen.

REPORTER: So, Paul, tell us about your hobbies.

PAUL: Sure. I like writing, in particular I write short stories.

REPORTER: From how long do you practise this hobby? 

PAUL: This is the third year, but I’ve been interested in books since I was a child.

REPORTER: Do you hope that this hobby could be your future job?

PAUL: yes, I hope so!

REPORTER: how many stories have you written?

PAUL: I’ve already written nine.

REPORTER: and what sort of things do you write about?

PAUL: Well, it depends on what interested me in a specific period. I’ve written some science-fiction stories, but now I want to write an historical story.

REPORTER: What it will be about?

PAUL: Well, last summer my class visited Hadrian’s Wall, so I want to try to imagine the life of a Roman soldier and write about it.

REPORTER: Which are your targets for the future?

PAUL: I want to write this story to participate to the “Best Teenage Author of the Year” contest. I think I’ll have a good chance to win the prize next year!

REPORTER: and later you hope to publish this story, I suppose…. 

PAUL: yes, you’re right! After this prize you  never know!

REPORTER: Thank you Paul, that’s all! Good luck!

PAUL: You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure! Thank you and goodbye!