SARAH: Hi Brian! 

BRIAN: Hi Sarah! How are you? Are you rushing?

SARAH: I’m fine, thanks! And you? I was going to do a walk and buy some presents to my nephews, but it looks like it’s going to rain!

BRIAN: I’m sorry, but I heard we’re expending a thunderstorm. 

SARAH: It’s not a very nice day, indeed! The sky is overcast end it is windy! What temperature do you think it is?

BRIAN: Probably about 15°C.

SARAH: Yes, I agree. What a pity! I’d like to do a walk without the umbrella for one day and to eat a sandwich in the park!

BRIAN: Don’t worry! Maybe you can do this very soon: the forecast is good for the next week. It’s supposed to clear up on Thursday.

SARAH: Really? Oh, what a good news! I hope the forecast is right! Now I have to go, I supposed that an umbrella will not be useful this afternoon, but I was wrong! I have to run at home to pick it up … It’s starting to rain!

BRIAN: Yes, I must go too! See you soon Sarah! Bye!

SARAH: Bye, Brian!