JOANNA: what’s on TV tonight, Sean? Is there anything good on?

SEAN: There’s a good film at 8:30 after the news, but I’ve already seen it. there are so many repeats these days.

JOANNA: anyway it’s impossible to watch a film on the telly with all those interruptions for adverts!

SEAN: but you can always change channel when ads are on.

JOANNA: Yes, I know, but ads spoil a film. I want to watch a film without interruptions. Unfortunately, they don’t show many good programmes on TV anymore. Once programmes used to be more interesting, but today is all game shows, soap operas and sport. I’m going to read my book!

SEAN: Who did invented TV, aunt Jo?

JOANNA: John Logie Baird. He was a Scotsman and he invented TV in the nineteen twenties, but it became popular only in nineteen fifties. It was a great invention!

SEAN: What did people use to do before TV?

JOANNA: They used to listen to the radio, read, play cards… they used to go out more.

SEAN: It sounds boring!

JOANNA: on the contrary… it was not boring, but it was a different time! Let’s call for a pizza.. how does it sound?

SEAN: Great! Cheese and pepper for me!