Monica Rossi
Via san Giovanni Bosco
88068 Soverato

James Rossi
Abbey Road London

Dear James,
Hello!!how are you, cousin? How is Sara? What’s new in London? I hope you’re fine and your parents too. Everyone here miss you and send you a lot of kisses. I’m fine, the school is over and my holidays are  finally begun! My sister is 16 years old now and so I go often to dance with her and her friends. Did you finish the school? It’s been a long time since we met, so I’ d like you to come to visit us. I hope you’re not busy for the next month, it would be great if you will come here in Italy; we could stay here in Calabria for a couple of week and, then, we can go together to visit other beautiful cities. It would be funny to go visiting Florence, Milan or Venice.. I have some friend there and we could make amazing tours with them : museums, monuments, but also parks, music and parties! I really hope you will accept this invitation, it would be beautiful to make trips and to spend a lot of time together. Please write me soon.

With love,