Marco Lori
Viale Andrea Doria
20124 Milano

Michael Bauer
Boundary Street, Shoreditch,
 London E2 7DD

Dear Michael,
How are you? I decided to write you before to receive you answer to my last letter because yesterday at school we started a series of interesting lessons about music. We often talk about our interest into music and our curiosity about the history of different musical styles, so I want to share my discoveries with you. The professor talked us about Afro-American’s Music; they were brought to America from Africa as slaves to work in the fields. These people also brought their musical traditions. They used to sing in the fields while they were working and they sang about their problems; they also sang religious songs because many of them were Christians. In the 1920s and in 1930s these songs developed respectively into the Blues and into the Gospel music. In the 1940s and 1950s these two musical forms produced another type of music called Rhythm and Blues. This fast rhythmic music was played at dances for Afro-Americans. I’m sure that this will be interesting to you as it has been to me! I will wait for your comments in the next letter. 
Your friend,