WAITER: Good Evening, Sir.

MR. THOMPSON: Good evening. I reserved a table for two.. Mr. Thompson.

WAITER: Mr. Thompson…… oh, yes! Here you are! This way, please, I will show you your table.

MR. THOMPSON: Thank you.

WAITER: Here you are. I bring you the menu.

MR. THOMPSON: Yes, please.

WAITER: May I help you to choose

MR. THOMPSON: Yes, please. I’d like to know the menu of the day…

WAITER: Of course, Sir. Today our chef recommends hot buttered Potted shrimps – cooked at your table in butter and sherry and served on toast – then, one juicy thick cut of prime roast beef – with Yorkshire puddings – and a choice of our fresh seasonal vegetables. For sweet you can taste Crêpes Suzettes – pancakes flavoured with Curaçao, cooked and finished at your table – and coffee – served with mint.

MR. THOMPSON: great! We’ll take two menu of the day.

WAITER: Excellent, Sir. What do you like to drink? Wine?

MR. THOMPSON: No, thanks. We prefer beer, please.

WAITER: As you like, Sir.