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Wuthering Heights riassunto in inglese di Cime tempestose

Cime tempestose: ecco il riassunto in inglese di Wuthering Heights, il celebre capolavoro del romanticismo scritto da Emily Brontë.
Wuthering Heights riassunto in inglese di Cime tempestose

CIME TEMPESTOSE DI EMILY BRONTË: IL RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE. Uno dei grandi classici della letteratura inglese e pietra miliare del romanticismo internazionale è Cime Tempestose, romanzo scritto da Emily Brontë e pubblicato nel 1847.  Il titolo originale dell’opera è Wuthering Heights ed è un romanzo in cui amore e odio, vita e morte, solitudine e vendetta si intrecciano creando una storia unica, affascinante ma anche disturbante. Alla base della storia tra i due protagonisti, Heathcliff e Catherine, c’è un amore tormentato e profondo, ma allo stesso tempo egoista e distruttivo. Stai studiando Cime Tempestose proprio adesso a scuola e hai bisogno di un riassunto in inglese di questo libro? A darti una mano, velocizzandoti un po’ le cose – ad esempio se non hai avuto modo di leggere il libro (anche se il consiglio è di provare a leggerlo quando avrai tempo) o per trovare uno spunto per il riassunto in lingua – ci pensiamo noi di Studentville: di seguito troverai un riassunto in inglese di Wuthering Heights.

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cime tempestose riassunto inglese

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, RIASSUNTO SVOLTO DI CIME TEMPESTOSE: L’INIZIO. In 1801, a wealthy young man, Mr Lockwood, moves to Thrushcross Grange, in Yorkshire as he is looking for some peace and relax. He visits his landlord, Heathcliff, who lives in a remote moorland farmhouse, Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff seems to be a gentleman, but his manners are uncouth. Because of the bad weather, Lockwood is allowed to stay and is lead to a bedroom where he notices lots of books signed by Catherine. When he falls asleep, he sees the ghost of Catherine trying to enter through the window. He cries out in fear and Heathcliff rushes into the room, confirming to Mr Lockwood that what he saw was real. The following day, Mr Lockwood goes back to Thrushcross Grange and askes the housekeeper, Nelly Dean, to tell him something about Heathcliff and the family at Wuthering Heights.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, RIASSUNTO SVOLTO DI CIME TEMPESTOSE: L’INFANZIA DI HEATHCLIFF E CATHERINE. Nelly Dean tells Mr Lockwood that Mr Earnshaw, the then owner of Wuthering Heights, adopted Heathcliff, an orphan boy, thirty years earlier. Mr Earnshaw lived with his teenage son Hindley and younger daughter Catherine. From the beginning, Hindley is bitterly jealous, thinking that his father loves more Heathcliff than him, while Catherine and Heathcliff become friends and spend many hours together playing on the moor. They grow close. Hindley, instead, is sent to collage, but three years later his father dies, so he becomes the landowner and master of Wuthering Heights. He returns to live there with his wife Frances, allowing Heathcliff to stay but only as a servant.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, RIASSUNTO SVOLTO DI CIME TEMPESTOSE: L’AMORE TORMENTATO. Some moths later, Catherine and Heathcliff go to Thrushcross Grunge to spy on the Lintons, who live there, but they are discovered and the Linton’s dog bites Catherine. Consequently, she is invited to stay at Thrushcross Grange to recuperate, while Heathcliff is sent home. Here she meets and fells in love with Edgar, the Lintons’ son who is, in contrast to Heathcliff, kind, educated, gentle and affable. When she is back home, she is different: her manners are more ladylike, and she laughs at Heathcliff’s unkempt appearance. The following year, Frances Earnshaw dies after giving birth to her son, Hareton. This incident drives Hindley mad and he descends into drunkenness. Then Catherine and Edgar Linton get engaged. Catherine confesses to Nelly about the proposal of marriage and she explained that, despite loving Heathcliff much more than Edgar, she accepted to marry Linton because of Heathcliff’s low social status and lack of education. Unfortunately, Heathcliff overhears just part of the conversation (when she says that it would “degrade” her to marry him), so he runs away and disappears.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, RIASSUNTO SVOLTO DI CIME TEMPESTOSE: IL RITORNO E LA VENDETTA DI HEATHCLIFF. Several years pass and Catherine and Edgar are married. Heathcliff comes back home but he is now in possession of a good fortune. He appears very different now, as he is handsome, elegant, wealthy and educated. Catherine, seeing the man he has become, feels in love with Heathcliff again. Yet, Heathcliff wants just revenge, and decides to win the heart of Isabel, Edgar’s younger sister, even if he is not in love with her at all. He moves to Wuthering Heights and starts revenging on his brother-in-law, gambling with Hindley and teaching Hareton bad habits. Hindley dissipates his wealth and mortgages the farmhouse to Heathcliff to pay his debts. Meanwhile, Heathcliff and Isabel have an affair and they elope; as a consequence, Catherine becomes ill. Two months later, they return to Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff succeeds in visiting Catherine secretly. In the end, they are able to confess their love for each other, but Catherine dies giving birth to a daughter, Cathy. Also Hindley dies. Isabel runs away to London, where she gives birth to Linton, Heathcliff’s son.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS, RIASSUNTO SVOLTO DI CIME TEMPESTOSE: L’EPILOGO. Twelve years pass. Isabel is dead and Heathcliff is the sole owner of Wuthering Heights but his revenge has not concluded yet. He wants to destroy the Lintons through his son, teaching him to despise them. His objective is to marry Linton to Cathy. Actually, they get married, but Linton dies soon after the wedding as well as Edgar. Nelly’s tale to Mr Lockwood ends with Heathcliff possessing both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. As a matter of facts, he becomes estranged from the world obsessed by Catherine’s ghost. He stops eating and, after four days, is found dead in Catherine’s old room. He is buried next to her.
At the end of the novel, Lockwood finds out that Hareton and Cathy plan to marry. Before leaving Wuthering Heights, Mr Lockwood passes the graves of Catherine, Edgar and Heathcliff and pauses to contemplate the quiet of the moors.

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